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> Hi there:
> I'm not sure if this is the news group to post to or not but I need
> help. My brother has had a severe case of Crohn's Disease for the
> last 6-7 years with no improvement in health.
> His current physcian wants to place him on a drug called METHOTREXATE.
> Apparently, the side effects of this drug can be fatal. Does anyone
> out there no anything about this drug, and if so should a Crohns
> patient be taking it?
> Here's some information on my brother:
>         age:     21
> 	weight:  85 - 90 lbs
> 	surgery: entire large bowel plus 12" of small bowel removed
>                  during Fall/91 - now wears pouch on side.
> 	Prev. Medications: many ( if needed I can get)
> 	Current Condition: last 8" of bowel inflamed, occasional
> 	                   bleeding.
> Thanks in Advance ...

The short answer is yes, methotrexate is a usefull drug in Crohn's.
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Steve Holland

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