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Paul Chahal chahalps at
Sat Aug 28 21:57:08 EST 1993

Respected Life Science Experts:      
    Once upon a time, I was a proud member of Life Sciences.
Then I migrated to computers. Now I am designing databases
for Biological sciences.

    MicroLife and ChemTrack are two databases that I am working
on. I plan on giving distribution rights to people who can
market it in their areas/fields. It will be royalty-sharing based.
    Please give your input regarding the functionalities these
databases should have.

   All these databases will track Chemicals or Bacterial
strains through the system. These packages will work on
IBM AT machines running Microsoft Windows 3.1. Of course,
multiuser versions will work under Windows NT.
If necessary, these databases can be migrated to UNIX.
But I do not see such necessity: looking at the direction
of the technology ( I imply it is all going Windows NT side.)

   Any other database that has a potential demand: I will
make every effort to bring it to the market. The toughest
part is to identify the current demand for a database.
Your input and advice is requested:

   I have a Master's degree in Clinical Laboratory. 
I have been designing databases since June, 1983. 
To give you an example, the "MicroLife" software package, will
allow entry by Bacterium and by genetic code. You can add, change,
delete bacterium and its strains. You will be able to do the reports
by date, Laboratory Reference number, quantity, biological species,
and any other 8 characteristics. It will do Boolean reports.
All the factors for licensing, searching, different systems is taken
into consideration.
Wishing you the best,
With regards,

SAN JOSE, CA 95148-2228

chahalps at

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