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Mon Aug 30 11:28:00 EST 1993

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pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:
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>> We're looking for some suggestions for an adhesive for attaching plain
>> paper labels to glass microscope slides.  This is for permanent reference
>> slides - - so long term stability is important, similar to herbarium
>> requirements.  We prepare the labels on a laser printer on good quality
>> (stable) paper, then need a way of getting them stuck on the slides.  We've
>> used mucilage cement in the past, but have had problems with catastrophic
>> failures where the labels just pop off after a time.  Currently we're
>> using a non-catylised PVA (like Elmer's white glue) and this seems to be
>> working ok so far.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions for something better?
>You might try gluing them them with 3MM Photo-mount spray adhesive.
>This is permanent and far less messy than what you're currently
>using, but it's more expensive (approx. $12.00 US/can).
>Paul N. Hengen
>National Cancer Institute
>Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
>Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201 USA
Since you have a laser printer, why not try the readily-available
Avery (div of Fasson) self-adhesive address labels? They are easily
printed on with a laser ( for which they were designed) and have a
very aggressive adhesive. They have some other products of similar
design with other adhesives that should do the job if you get all
the slide processing junk off the glass. Avery (Fasson) BTW are
the folks who have developed the self-stick postage stamp, so they
are into keeping things stuck to the surface.
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