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>>> We're looking for some suggestions for an adhesive for attaching plain
>>> paper labels to glass microscope slides.  This is for permanent reference
>>> slides - - so long term stability is important, similar to herbarium
>>> requirements.  We prepare the labels on a laser printer on good quality
>>> (stable) paper, then need a way of getting them stuck on the slides.

>>You might try gluing them them with 3MM Photo-mount spray adhesive.
>>This is permanent and far less messy than what you're currently
>>using, but it's more expensive (approx. $12.00 US/can).

> Since you have a laser printer, why not try the readily-available
> Avery (div of Fasson) self-adhesive address labels? They are easily
> printed on with a laser ( for which they were designed) and have a
> very aggressive adhesive.

If you're after *archivally permanent* slide labels, none of the
products above are probably suitable.  For the herbarium, I use 
acid-free paper, laser printed and then run through an infrared 
copier (it melts the plastic carrier into the paper fibers better).  
These are glued to the slide with a neutral pH PVA adhesive, like
Demco's NeutralBond, or some of the products from other library 
suppliers.  In addition, the slides are permanently numbered with 
a diamond pencil;  a list of all slides in the box, and their
numbers, is printed on acid-free paper and included in the box.

There are also some "archival" pressure sensitive labels available
on rolls from various jobbers-- they are meant for such jobs as
labeling storage boxes -- that *might* work, but they'd need to
be cut to size.  I've not seen "archival" pressure-sensitive laser
labels yet.

Kay Klier     Biology Dept    Univ. Northern Iowa


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