microscope slide labels... suggestions requested

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Tue Aug 31 12:06:33 EST 1993

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calfor at sparc03.cc.ncsu.edu (Constantine A Lapasha) writes:

>>> We're looking for some suggestions for an adhesive for attaching plain
>>> paper labels to glass microscope slides....[stuff deleted]

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pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:

>> You might try gluing them them with 3MM Photo-mount spray adhesive.
>> This is permanent and far less messy than what you're currently
>> using, but it's more expensive (approx. $12.00 US/can).

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SHICKLEY at VM.TEMPLE.EDU (Timothy J. Shickley) writes:

> Since you have a laser printer, why not try the readily-available
> Avery (div of Fasson) self-adhesive address labels?

Just a word of caution with using the Avery self-adhesives for glass:
I once used the Avery circle self-sticky things for labelling my stock
slants within glass tubes. A few days later, all the stickers fell off the
tubes. Well, it was very dry in the lab (Canadian winter). Since I couldn't
tell which strains were in which tubes, I had to do the whole lot over
again :-(   I think these would have worked great if my bacterial stocks
were stored in paper envelopes ;-)

Paul N. Hengen
National Cancer Institute
Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201 USA

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