Faster LINKAGE v1.1

Robert Cottingham bwc at
Tue Aug 31 21:26:20 EST 1993

As described in the paper "Faster Sequential Genetic Linkage
Computations" (American Journal of Human Genetics, v53, p252-63, 
July 1993), modified versions of the general pedigree programs
of LINKAGE 5.1 are available via ftp as follows:

	login: anonymous
	password: <your email address>
	cd linkage/fastlink.51

This update to the original distribution is called version 1.1 and is
now being released.  The changes are as follows.  We found a bug in
the original distribution affecting the results when separate
recombination fractions were being calculated for males and females.
This has been corrected.  Also the method of distribution has been
changed to reduce the amount of duplicated code in the programs and to
use the make utility to build the programs.  We have also included a C
version of unknown as a courtesy.

A PostScript version of the submitted paper can be found in the file  Further information on compiling the programs is given in
the README file.

A side benefit of this work is that these programs are in C for those
who do not have Pascal compilers.

Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions for

Finally I want to mention that this work would not have been possible
without the diligence and insight of my collaborators Alex Schaffer and
Ramana Idury who deserve equal credit.  Any blame should probably be
directed to me.


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