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Mike Wieda mikew at
Wed Dec 1 20:52:35 EST 1993

                          A LITTLE SURVEY

      First let me apologize for cluttering up your newsgroup with a
completely irrelevant post;  This item will also plague many other groups in
order to reach as diverse a crowd as possible.

I'm an anthropology student at BYU with an aversion to mosquitos and
crocodile-infested waters, so I`m doing a series of projects centered
around you, the Internet user.  I'm interested in studying how people
interact via the Net and what values make them tick.  I would like to invite
as many people as possible to respond as briefly or with as much verbosity
as they`d like, without the pigeon-hole effect of multiple-choice stuff.
Time is also short, so if you'd like to contribute please do so within the
next several days.  Also, please do not include your name so I can maintain
as much confidentiality as humanly possible, and E-mail (do not post--I
won`t be checking all the newsgroups!) to me via my roommate at:

                        mikew at

[Save the file, cut along dotted line, fill-in, and send the whole shmeer back
ASAP, Thanks!!!!!]



1.  Age:
2.  Gender:
3.  Profession:
4.  Approx yearly income:
5.  Race:
6.  Level of education:

Net questions:

7.  Briefly describe for me what the Internet is and what it is used for.
8.  How long have you been using the net?
9.  What do you use the net for mainly?
10. How were you first introduced to the net?
11. How did you learn how to use it?
12. What kinds of people do you encounter using the net?
13. Do you feel confident contributing to newsgroups?  How long did it take
    to feel confident?
14. Do you feel like an "equal" contributor of ideas and info?  Why/why not?
15. What are some results of the increasing numbers of people on the net?
16. Is there anything you find irritating by way of behavior (stupid
17. What do you find most attractive about the net in general?
18. Would you encourage or discourage others from using the net?

Send to: mikew at

Again, thanks for responding to my survey.

David M. Jensen

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