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In article <1993Dec3.103955.1 at mcvax4.d48.lilly.com>, dallas at mcvax4.d48.lilly.com writes:
> Volumes have been published on F, F-primes, and Hfr's.  Francoise Jacob and

Sorry, Francois Jacob... I hope I didn't inadvertantly  change his sex ;-).

> Jacques Monod (name dropper :-) ) launch the age of molecular biology and
> genetics using E.coli and transfer genetics to describe the 'operon' certainly
> with help from the lactose operon (the remnant being lacZ).  Yes many others
> were involved, but I'm showing my bias.
> Pick up a good textbook on Genetics from the mid-70's and enjoy!!!!! Or
> reminisce.

"Molecular Genetics" by George Stent (many editions) or "The Genetics of
Bacteria and their viruses" by William Hayes brings you up to 'pre-cloning'

Just looking for my roots... .
> Jim Miller
> Indianapolis, IN
"Knowledge comes; but wisdom lingers."  -Tennyson "Locksley Hall"

I hope.

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