DMSO/Plastic bottles

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Thu Dec 2 13:05:46 EST 1993

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|>> >Personally, knowing that DMSO can be carcinogenic and teratogenic, I
|>> Well, I'll have to agree with a lot of this. I dont know
|>> about it being carcinogenic or teratogenic (I don't know, not I doubt)
|>I can't remember the refs. but I seem to remember that when DMSO was used
|>as a drug vehicle in some trials that it had a nasty side effect of causing
|>cateracts in the eyes of the rats used in the study.  

That is my recollection, as well.  The rats in the study were fed large amounts
of DMSO and some developed cataracts.  I have never seen any studies claiming
that DMSO has carcinogenic or teratogenic effects, nor that it has any harmful
effects (even cataracts) when used topically by humans.


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