Internet user survey-please respond

Howard Kaplan hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET
Sat Dec 4 16:15:24 EST 1993

Maybe I'm being a little more curmudeonly than usual, but unless a
survey can be used to better the functioning of the Internet, I
agree completely with Mr. Jensen in that this is a "completely
irrelevant post".  It does clutter and is wasting time.  It's like
the telephone surveys that come as you sit down to dinner, and
should be treated the same way.
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Subj:   Internet user survey-please respond

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Subject: Internet user survey-please respond
Date: 2 Dec 93 01:52:35 GMT

                          A LITTLE SURVEY

      First let me apologize for cluttering up your newsgroup with a
completely irrelevant post;  This item will also plague many other groups in
order to reach as diverse a crowd as possible.

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