Database for consensus sequences

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In article <CHH0q4.3z8 at> byrne at (Bruce Byrne) writes:
>'ve been asked an interesting question I cannot answer.  NBCI
>aka genbank provides zillions of exact REAL sequences to be
>searched.  Is there a similar database available to search those
>useful fictions called "consensus sequences"

Look up David Ghosh's Transcription Factor Database (NAR 18:1749-56).
It's available via ftp from NIH.  It has consensus sequences in it but is not
limited to them.  There is a file available for using the sites.dat table
with GCG software.  Signal Scan is a very nice program for using TFD.  

Prestridge, D.S. (1991) SIGNAL SCAN: A computer program that scans DNA 
sequences for eukaryotic transcriptional elements. CABIOS 7, 203-206.

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