comment/question on proposed evolutionary bio. discussion group

Jim Loats loats1 at
Tue Dec 7 13:41:14 EST 1993

SCHLOSSER at writes:
>In <9312040048.AA11291 at>, robin at (Robert C. Colgrove)
>> just wanted to encourage folks to vote for the creation (pardon the
>> expression) of, a proposed moderated group for 
>> general discussion of biological evolution free from the creationist
>> flames that make uninhabitable for most interested parties.

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>As an "interested bystander" I hope that you are succesful. 
>My question is: How will you keep the creationists out?
>(Is there a mechanism for excluding "contributors" to specific groups?)

>schlosser at

As I understand the charter, s.b.e will be a moderated group, and the 
moderator will have the power to reject or re-direct (to,
most likely) any creationist postings.

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