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>Hi bionet readers,

>I am looking for a general email address for the National Agricultural 
>Library,  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture,  Beltsville,  Md.  (Maryland ?).

Try the following gopherhole.

Name=USDA/US Dept. of Agriculture Agency Gophers
URL: gopher://

>I will settle for an initial FAX number if the email address 
>is hard to obtain or unknown.

Going down throught the menus you should find the following.

                 How to get Information from the USDA

      1.  About this section.
      2.  Departmental Staff Offices.
      3.  Economics and Statistical Services.
 -->  4.  Electronic Mail addresses for the USDA.
      5.  Food and Consumer Services.
      6.  How to get Information from the USDA, Washington DC .
      7.  International Affairs and Commodity Programs.
      8.  Marketing and Inspection Services.
      9.  Natural Resources and Environmental Services.
      10. Office of Public Affairs.
      11. Science and Education Programs.
      12. Small Community and Rural Development.

The electronic mail addresses runs to about 14K of information for
different departments. Hope you find what you are looking for there.

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