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Fri Dec 10 13:05:56 EST 1993

> It could be interesting also if using NSCA Mosaic
> would be possible the access to the most recently
> updated world news, at least in the form of headlines
> news, rather than, for instance, the access to
> weather forecast, movies databases or other subject
> of minor interest.
> If it is possibe and I did not notice it, please advice,
> In the other case, I woud be pleased to hear other
> people opinion.
> Tanx, Vincenzo (Vinz) 

You might be interested in the Global news network which can be accessed 
through MOSAIC.  I would predict that HTML (HyperText Markup Language) 
documents will become more available now that PC/Windows and MacIntosh versions 
of Mosaic are out.  Mosaic also provides a firendly interface for ftp 
and gopher.  Documents currently available are not limited to films, weather 
and other trivial pursuits - the variety of services and potential for 
scholarly exchange, scientific collaboration and human communication is 
awesome. Try the Bioinformatics Home page:

ANU Bioinformatics

There are documents for high energy physics, National Library of Medicine, 
archeology, history, full texts of documents (Project Gutenberg)...and much 

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