Mosaic and WAIS possibilities

Vincenzo Nardi-Dei vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Sat Dec 11 02:25:41 EST 1993

As suggested in a recent letter by Matteo diTommaso:
>...Try the Bioinformatics Home page:
>ANU Bioinformatics
>There are documents for high energy physics, National Library of Medicine,
>archeology, history, full texts of documents (Project Gutenberg)...and much
>more. ...

I have tried the site and I have been impressed for the high level of
information that can be available at that page.
But I have an other question: as a foreigner student in Japan, I found 
that the world-news coverage in this country is quite deficient,
and it is nearly impossible to know facts about my country.
Maybe the same impression is shared by many other people who
work or study abroad. 
In my opinion it would be quite interesting
to access through Mosaic or WAIS to world-news continuously updated data-bases, 
as for instance, the access 
to Associated Press or Reuter, or if private data-bases 
do not allow it, to governative ones.
This fact is valid not only for world news coverage, but also
for science and technology:  In my opinion, among the others,
one of the important thinks of such telematic services is to 
get the news, in which ever part of the world and on wathsoever 
subject,  before than it is possible to get with paper or other means of 
Retrivial of not real-time updated documents is not such a 
"revolutionary" concept as the potentiality of the 
introduction of telematic information would imply.
I don't know if this is already possible using Mosaic or 
If such access to informations is already possible I would like
to receive advices, and in any case the opinions and discussion
is very welcome.


P.S. If I am not wrong, once was possibe the access through
WAIS to the Wall Street Journal, but such access as been 

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