plan 9 against hooray for SG Elders

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Wed Dec 15 05:11:59 EST 1993

+    > Look you stupid Americans, you dont have a gun problem, you have a
+    > violence problem.
+No, we have an intellect problem. Please take whatever this skirmish represents
+out of This can be done simply by removing the name of this
+forum from the 'Newsgroups' header. Let's not demonstrate just *how* stupid 
+Americans can be by inappropriately getting their random thoughts about "what's
+wrong with the world" all over the carpet.

I think your suggestion is o.k., but it also appeared here on biosci/plantbio !
I am getting the impression that we can complain to bioforum or plantbio 
(where this discussion apparently started) as much as we want, but the people
who post these messages actually are not reading them on "our" net, but some
place else, and thus do not even know that they have stuffed 'my' mailbox over
the weekend with close to 30? 50? unnecessary items. And this all because they 
used the wrong header in their message. Therefore:

The best would be if we ALL complained directly to the persons involved !!!

two questions: am I correct with my assumptions ? Secondly, somebody suggested
to ask the system manager for a program that sorts out all unwanted post right
away... this is in my case however not possible. Isn't there another way to 
protect ourselves ? Dr. David... are you there ?

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