BIOSCI Continuing Saga: Part 14, Where I Am Eaten By INN

Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at JOES.GARAGE.COM
Thu Dec 16 04:09:14 EST 1993

I thought I'd draw up a quick note to let everybody know whats

If you send a note from news --> mail (as in, you post in a news
 reader to one of the BIOSCI [bionet.] groups), everything is 
 working fine.

If you send a note from mail --> news (as in, you mail a note to
 bioforum, as I am doing now), everybody on the mailing lists gets
 two copies.

The second case is due to an incomptability between our gateway
 software and INN.  I've rewritten part of the gateway software
 to fix this.  I've tested it stand-alone and it works fine.  In
 trying to integrate it, a subtle problem has developed.  So, I
 am going to get some sleep now and have at it again tommorrow.

Keep those cards and letters coming.  It lets me know that we are
 still reaching everyone out there.


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