any related proteins with very different localization?

Kay Hofmann khofmann at
Thu Dec 16 10:53:40 EST 1993

Dear Protein experts,

I am collecting material for a paper and have difficulties to extract the 
following information from normal sequence- or literature databases:
Are there known examples of protein families (or homologous proteins) 
with some members located in the cytosol and other members entering
the secretion pathway (located in ER, golgi, lysosome or targeted to
An extension: Are there such families with members going to the mitochondria
or to chloroplasts and other members either located cytoplasmic or 
somewhere in the secretion pathway?
There certainly are  examples of protein families with some members in the
ER, some members in the Golgi and some secreted or in the plasma
membrane, i.e. difference in the localization is only in the extent of usage
of the secretion pathway. What I am interested in are protein families with
internal differences in the initial steps of targeting. 

Many thanks in advance for any replys,
Kay Hofmann

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