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>>I'd like to hear opinions about which degree is best for research
>>careers, and what's the advantage of getting an MD for someone solely
>>interested in research?  What kinds of things are MD/PhD people doing in
>>terms of research or medical practice?  Are there more opportunitites in
>>research for those with an MD compared to those with just a PhD?  Is
>>either degree more respected in the scientific community?
>While there are good MD researchers out there, generally speaking,
>among academics, the MD is not considered an adequate qualification
>for research.

MD's have the advantage of getting human subjects/materials for research
purpose. Ph.D.'s need to collaborate with MD's to get real human samples
or to limit to animal model systems. MD/PhD's are more geared to
administrative roles rather than research or clinical activities, but
have the potential of getting large reesrach funds and, therefore,
supervise larger reserach labs.


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