funny biological names - got any?

kevin clements kclement at
Fri Dec 17 21:17:10 EST 1993

philipr at (Philip Rhoades) writes:

>This is for a friend who needs some funny (peculiar/amusing) biological 
>names for an article he is writing.

>Names of fish in particular would be good but anything would be 

I can't think of any funny fish names, but there is one that involves
that much-loved cartoonist of biological (and other science) humor,
Gary Larson ("The Far Side").  It seems that one of Larson's fans, an
entomologist I think, discovered a "new" species of face louse and
named it after Larson.  The genus name escapes me, but the species
name was (I think) garylarsoni.  If I find the reference, I'll post it
-- meanwhile, you can find it in one of the Far Side books.  It might
be called "The Evolution of The Far Side" -- it's black, and on the
cover is a pudgy, bespectacled kid looking at a dinosaur skeleton.
Send me e-mail to remind me to look, if you can't find it yourself.

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