funny biological names - got any?

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Mon Dec 20 05:39:24 EST 1993

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> This is for a friend who needs some funny (peculiar/amusing) biological 
> names for an article he is writing.
> Names of fish in particular would be good but anything would be 
> appreciated. 

My favourite odd name in EMBL is the rainbow trout. It seems to have
two completely different names. One is Salmo gairdneri, rather dull,
but the other is Oncorhynchus mykiss which I keep wanting to reverse
into Kiss Myoncorhynchus :-)

You could also try the wonderful world of gene names in E.coli and
(especially) Drosophila.

I recall a story long ago of a biochemist who had an article rejected because
he called his unknown sugar "ignose" but he then got it accepted with the
name changed to "godnose" - but the story may be apocryphal.

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