funny biological names - got any?

Pascal Hua pjh3142 at
Mon Dec 20 18:13:46 EST 1993

  The genus name escapes me, but the species
> >name was (I think) garylarsoni
> The book is "A Prehistory of The Far Side" (although it may be The Prehistory
>  - doesn't really matter I suppose). Very funny it is too.
> Chris
Yes, it is The PreHistory of The Far Side,P. 170 the bug that was named
after Gary Larson is "Strigiphilus garylarsoni", of the order  of
Mallophage, the "chewing lice" !!!!  And this one is found only on owls.  I
like tha far side, and this one is great...
pjh3142 at

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