Where was the swallow (bird)project?

Public Mac 5 guest at amc.uva.nl
Tue Dec 21 02:25:18 EST 1993

Dear bionet.general,

I am looking for (pointers to) the project to give swallows a fresh river
bank every year by putting up a perforated concrete wall, in the holes of
whom every year fresh sand/clay is put. The swallows need fresh banks that
are eroded by the river, but with canalisation and industrialisation,
erosion disappears and so does the swallow.

perhaps my previous message was confusing in that I used the british name,
(sand martin) instead of the more recognisable 'swallow' that sounds more
familiar to many european languages.

I am posing this question for an ecologist who wants to incorporate such a
provision in his reserve.
ard jonker
(a337ard at diamond.sara.nl)

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