Cultured liver cells

Robert C. Colgrove robin at
Wed Dec 22 22:38:37 EST 1993

sorry I am a little foggy on this
it's been a few years since I thought about it
but when I was in grad school I used to use
Alexander cells (an HBV-transformed human hepatoma line that secretes sAg but
does not otherwise support HBV expression.
HepG2 (a non-HBV hepatoma line that can support replication but not infection
with HBV)
Huh6 and Huh7 (part of a series of Japanese-derived human hepatoma lines that
retain some liver-specific gene-expression and are permissive ofr HBV 

In general, primary cell liver explants rapidly lose liver-specific functions in
culture and so it has been a bear to establish permanent lines that really act 
like hepatocytes.

you can look up my paper in J. Virol from 89 or 90 on HBV x-gene transactivation
in Huh7 cells for a description  of the line and how to grow it and transfect

hope this helps...

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