Inherited Hypercholesterimia

Phillip McClean mcclean at
Tue Dec 28 21:30:19 EST 1993

I am posting this for a friend who received a request for inforamtion from
a concerned parent.

 This women's child has been diagnosed with inherited hypercholesterimia.
The boy has a total  cholesterol count of 246 and a 201 count for LDL.  The
boy is eight years old and needs a good diet to balance the disease and
his needs for growth.  The boy has also be diagnosed as Type IIA.  The 
question she has what is the best treatment (?) and diet (?) for this 
disease.  Also I would appreciate any ideas on what other USENET groups
to post to.  You can e-mail your responses directly to me and I will 
forward them to the parent

 Thank you in advance for any help you can provide

Phil McClean
mcclean at

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