Bioremediation Course

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Mon Feb 1 15:54:59 EST 1993

The COOK COLLEGE of The Rutgers - The state University of New Jersey is offering a two-day short course on BIOREMEDIATION: principles, applications, regulations & oppurtunities.

This applied two-day course is designed fro decision makers who design , evaluate or implement environmental clean-up projects. The program will explore:

* When Bioremediation is a viable clean-up option.

* Scientific principles  underlying Bioremediation Technology.

*Potetntial of Bioremediation in the future

* State and Federal Regulatory Environments

* Plan review Procedures and Necessary data

* Designs of Successful Bioremediation Projects

* Problems and roadblocks that lead to project failures

The course will provide the tools and knowledge base necessary to assess the viability of bioremediation for specific projects.

If you want more information :

Call   Scott Czesak  at  908-932-9271

or  Send email  to  Czesak at

or  Send mail to  Scott Czesak
		Program coordinator
		Office of Continuing Professional Education
		Cook College
		P.O. BOX 231
		New Brunswick  NJ-08903

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