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David Steffen steffen at
Mon Feb 1 16:56:54 EST 1993

Samuel M. Scheiner writes:
>A quick observation based on my visit to BioMOO.  I found an
>error in David's otherwise very helpful instructions.  When
>I tried to register by typing: @register .....
>I got back a message to the effect that I was not from around
>here and had to register by sending a message to nop at theory.....
>(I failed to record the exact message, but that was the gist.)
>Now, I am not sure if this problem is general, or peculiar in
>some fashion to me.  For example, I gave my bitnet address,
>rather than an Internet address because I do not know the

A couple of thoughts about this:

1) I think the command as I have written it works sometimes.

2) I think it requires a valid Internet email address - I think the
absence of that is what the error message was reporting.

3) I am not a MOO expert, so I might be wrong.

4) The MOO is a work in progress and thus is sometimes flakey.  Trying
again later sometimes works.


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