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Dan Jacobson danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu
Wed Feb 3 10:01:51 EST 1993

In article <pettsj-020293122031 at visigoth.demon.co.uk> pettsj at visigoth.demon.co.uk (James Petts) writes:
>I'm trying to find a copy of the Kabat database Release 5, preferably on an
>ISO 9660 CD-ROM, and also software for searching it. Can anybody give me
>any pointers?
> ===> James Petts <===

Well as it turns out I was just composing a note about this to post
today so I'll just post it here as a reply.  

The Kabat Database - Sequences of Proteins of Immunological Interest

is now available for searching by Gopher.  If you have a gopher client
just point it at merlot.welch.jhu.edu and go to the

   -->    12. Search Databases at Welchlab (Vectors, Promoters, NRL-3D,...)

directory.  Once there you will see - 

   -->    6.  Kabat Database of Proteins of Immunological Interest <?>

You may search this database using booleans (and, or, not), wildcards (*), and
phrase searches ("   ")  as the search is running off of Don Gilbert's modified 
Wais code.

If you don't know about gopher - just write me a note and I'll send
you all the information you need to get started (gopher is free and on 

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