Federal Register & multiple suppliers

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Wed Feb 3 18:26:59 EST 1993

> With respect to the Federal Register specifically, I have personally
> attempted to track down ftp access, first by talking with the staff of
> Senator Lahey (VT -Senate Ag Committee) and then with a research librarian
> at the National Library of Congress.  Someone informed me that 1)
> negotiations were under way to have to Government Printing Office (GPO) make
> the Federal Register accessable on-line [in additional to the route through
> the commercial vendor(s)] and 2) negotiations were difficult because the
> GPO *union* might regard this as a threat to their membership, who are
> print trade artisans.  

Life is complicated isn't it 8-)!

> This "struggle" has popped up on bionet in other ways...and in certain
> journals dealing with DNA sequence analysis.  I saw a post from SGI in
> bionet.jobs that was non-conformant.

The person who did this was notified behind the scenes.  I continue to
keep an eye on the employment postings for compliance.

> My point is: we should be aware of this revolutionizing process that is a
> natural consequence of electronic internetworking, whether it is NSF's
> bionet or CompuServe or FidoNet or the Amateur Radio Packet Forwarding
> System (world-wide) or cable-companies vs. the Baby Bells or....the list
> will continue to stretch out. 
> What is permissible?  

Unfortunately in my experience it takes a *lot* of time to get the
necessary people to agree on these issues and approve them.  Don't
hold your breath 8-).

> Did I "inadvertantly" advertise a commercial service?  Perhaps....but I'm

I don't think that you were "duped" into this, Steve.  The Federal
Register is obviously of interest to many people and it's good to
bring these alternatives up for consideration.

Distributing the contents on-line might be a worthwhile objective, but
I doubt that anyone would want to pump all of this stuff around the
net.  Even the NIH Guide is a bit much for many people.

Dave Kristofferson

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