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... Much wonderous stuff deleted...

>The Sick Joke:  Once you create a character, you stay in the MOO even
>when you are not logged in.  Most people have as their 'home' the
>underground hole under the highway.  That room has been programmed so
>that 'sleeping' people (e.g. characters not logged in) are invisible.
>rMark and I decided it would be useful to keep 'sleeping' biologists
>visible, so that others could see the list of participants.  To keep
>the confusion down, we decided to make an out of the way room in which
>people could sleep.  I suggested the dormitory.  rMark made it the
>Faculty Lounge.  I think rMark is going to find his next Thesis
>Advisory Committee Meeting difficult.

	I have been off at a EMBnet meeting in Portugal so I am surprised
	to see that there has been so much activity in the MOO

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Faculty Lounge
You are in a comfortable room. It seems to be a perfect place to rest after 
a long days' research in the biosciECC. Perhaps you will consider being a 
resident here...
ChrisP (asleep), rMark (asleep), SamS (asleep), Simon_Blomberg (asleep), 
Coady (asleep), Steffen (asleep), GaryW (asleep), christopher (asleep), 
Ant (asleep), toms (asleep), gblum (asleep), don (asleep), Valmont (asleep), 
BillW (asleep), elmo (asleep), Keith (asleep), dadler (asleep), 
Cam (asleep), and Philip (dozing)are here.

	Ninteen people sleeping in there. There is even somebody sleeping
	in the Student advisor office:-) I must say my office is rather
	quiet. I am working in it when everyone else is asleep due to
	the time differences between Finland and the USA.

	I heard a rumour that there are a few experimental underground 
	MOO's in existance, and someone was planing to use a MOO to teach
	a sequence analysis course... I love it.

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