Workshop on String Processing

Ricardo Baeza-Yates rbaeza at
Fri Feb 5 14:22:44 EST 1993

                     First South American Workshop

                          on String Processing

                            Call for Papers

                 Departamento de Ci^encia da Computa,c~ao

                  Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
                         Belo Horizonte, Brazil
                        September 13 -- 15, 1993

   The purpose of  the South American Workshop  on String Processing  is
to  present current  and on-going  research  results and  stimulate  the
exchange of ideas in the area of Word and Text Processing.   Typical but
not exclusive topics  of interest include:  text algorithms,  dictionary
algorithms, dna sequencing, biological sequence analysis.
   Workshop  Format:     The  format  of  the   Workshop  will  be   the
presentation of  on-going research  through invited  talks and  refereed
presentations, open problems session and discussions on special topics.

   Submissions:  Please send five copies (or one copy by e-mail  or fax)
of an extended  abstract written in English,  no longer than five  pages
or 1,000--1,500 words, to the Program Chair

      Ricardo Baeza-Yates                   Phone:  +56 2 689-2736
      Depto.  Ciencias de la Computaci'on   Fax:  +56 2 689-5531
      Universidad de Chile                  e-mail:  rbaeza at
      Casilla 2777
      Santiago, Chile

   Program committee  (partial list):    Ricardo Baeza-Yates  (Chairman,
Univ.    de Chile),  Walter Cunto  (IBM Venezuela),  Tomasz  Kowaltowski
(Univ.    de Campinas),  Imre Simon  (Univ.   de  S~ao  Paulo) and  Nivio
Ziviani (Local Arrangements, Univ.  Federal de Minas Gerais).

   Conference Timetable:

Extended Abstracts Due :  April 15, 1993
Notification to Authors:  June 30, 1993
Camera Ready Copy      :  July 30, 1993

   Additional information  can  be obtained  from  the Chairman  of  the
Organizing Committee:

Nivio Ziviani                             Phone:  +55 31 4434088
Depto.  de Ci^encia de Computa,c~ao       Fax:  +55 31 443 4352
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais      e-mail:  nivio at
Belo Horizonte, MG 30 161 970, Brazil

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