Paper trails (was: Re: Advisor borrowing ideas)

Steven Brenner seb1005 at
Fri Feb 5 07:18:58 EST 1993

In article <gfQQHjG00iV287j7d5 at>, lv08+ at (Lili Velez) writes:
|> Seems to me that problems of "whose idea was it first?" are great
|> advertisements for keeping a very good notebook of what you've been
|> _thinking_, not just what you've been _doing_, in the laboratory.  


|> Having it in writing, in ink, signed and dated, may not be a foolproof
|> method for establishing priority, but it is _one_ way, and anything is
|> better than nothing.
|> Lili Fox Velez
|> Rhet in the Blue Linen Labcoat

What the supervisor did in the case we're referring to may have been
unbelievably immoral, but seems unlikely to have been illegal.  Given
this circumstance, what good does the laboratory notebook proof of 
priority really do?  

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