"Long Way From Amphioxus"

Matt Healy matt at wardsgi.med.yale.edu
Fri Feb 5 19:26:55 EST 1993

Anyone out there know the lyrics (and, ideally, a
citation to a printed source) for the evolutionary
filksong "It's a Long Way From Amphioxus to Us"?

All I can remember is:

   1. tune is from "..Way to Tipperary"

   2. refrain is:
     It's a Long Long Way from Amphioxus-To Us!

Since I'm crossposting to alt.quotations, a
note for non-biologists: {Amphioxus} is a
very primitive vertebrate, similar to what
Owen identified as the vertebrate "archetype."

PLEASE EMAIL REPLIES  :-)  :-)  I am busy writing
a dissertation (for which this song will be a
chapter epigraph) and don't have time to read
all the newsgroups as frequently as I'd like.

Matt Healy
"I pretend to be a network administrator;
 the lab net pretends to work"

matt at wardsgi.med.yale.edu

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