Henryk Rozycki HENROZ at PLTUMK11.BITNET
Mon Feb 8 18:29:16 EST 1993

   I work in the laboratory of Prof. Strzelczyk on:
physiology and ecology of ectomycorrhizal fungi- nad
bacteria and actinomycetes of soil, rhizosphere and
mycorrhizosphere of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) - with
special emphasis on: production of biologically active
substances like: plant growth hormones, B-vitamins,
hydrolytic enzymes and others; among others on: N2-fixing
mycorrhiza-associated bacteria: azospirilla and bacilli.

   I am a member of BNFNET-L ("Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Forum" list) since April 1992.

   Hereby I would like to summarize the benefits I have -
due to this membership:

1. Information about e-mail addresses and specifix
interest/expertise area of other members of list - > 100
colleagues worldwide, working on different aspects of
biological nitrogen fixation;

2. Learning about any most current ("most hot") topics of
BNF - thanks messages posted to this list (e. g. about
molecular ecology of BNF);

3. Learning about some other electronic information
resources - thanks posted newsletters (e. g. about Joe
Hanus's & Larry Moore's MGD);

4. Finding e-mail addresses of colleagues of interests close
to mine (e. g. Bill Chapman, Peter New);

5. Active participation (authorship of 2 papers: P-8 and P-
10) in 2BNFCC "2nd BNFNET Annual Computer Conference" -
"Ecology of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria" - enabling me to
interact with colleagues from different parts of world.

   Concluding: I am very satisfied with being the member of
BNFNET-L. Therefore I strongly support the idea to include
it into BIOSCI interest/usenet groups, taking into account
the possibility of presenting it to the broader audience and
attracting many potential new members.


(...And apologies for my very delayed response to Rob
Harper's and E-L. Foo's appeals to vote....).


| Dr. Henryk Rozycki (Microbiologist Researcher)           |
| Lab. of Microbiology (headed by: Prof. E. Strzelczyk)    |
| Institute of Biology                                     |
| Nicolaus Copernicus University                           |
| ul. Gagarina 9, 87-100 Torun, POLAND                     |
| Phone: +48 (56) 14-447; Fax: +48 (56) 246-02             |
| E-mail: HENROZ at PLTUMK11.BITNET                           |

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