Will the real owner please stand up?

Matthew P Wiener weemba at sagi.wistar.upenn.edu
Tue Feb 9 10:57:33 EST 1993

In article <1kse5jINNi6t at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>, smith-una at yale (Una Smith) writes:
>Verbatim from the Letters section (page 441) of the 22 January 1993
>issue of Science (vol 259):

>					 I refer specifically to the
>	4 December News & Comment article by Peter Aldhous (p. 1572)
>	stating that Hoffmann--La Roche is taking to court companies
>	who produce and sell this enzyme for use in the polymerase
>	chain reaction (PCR).

Let's not forget that, under heavy pressure and threats of government
expropriation, Roche agreed to not charge for research and diagnostic

But yes, the whole thing stinks.

>And I can not resist pointing out in the same issue an item in the
>News & Comment section titled "Will the Real Journal Please Stand Up?"

It's a must read.  A journal is now embroiled in a lawsuit over who
controls it, and the two parties are each producing their version of
the journal.
-Matthew P Wiener (weemba at sagi.wistar.upenn.edu)

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