need help locating an old manual

Henling, Lawrence M. lmh at
Tue Feb 9 00:45:00 EST 1993

In article <ARA.93Feb6174207 at>, ara at (Allan Adler) writes...
>I'm in a similar fix. I have an old Beckman DU-2 spectrophotometer
>which lacks both a manual and a power supply. If you can get me either,
>especially  the power supply, please let me know.
I went over to our electronics shop and picked up the following manuals
(no hardware):
 1) Instruction manual beckman model du spectrophotometer, 60 pp, 305-A
 2) Instruction manual models du and b flame spectrophotometers, 28 pp, 334-A
 3) Instruction manual power supply for du spectrophotometrs  xx pp,  546-E

larry henling    lmh at

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