New electronic publication: The Scientist

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Tue Feb 9 20:31:19 EST 1993

The Scientist, an established biweekly newspaper for scientists
(targets life sciences), is now available electronically, I see.
Coincidently, I recently started getting their paper copy, and
this week's issue announces that the text of this newspaper is
available via anonymous ftp to  

There is a nice reprint of a lecture by Josua Lederberg in this
current issue (the-scientist-930208) about scientific publication
adapting to the electronic age.

Here are the general instructions from The Scientist's ftp archive:

Request: the-scientist
Topic: index-the-scientist
Document Updated:  9 Feb 93
Subject: Index for Request: the-scientist

        Information about "The Scientist"

This collection is a pilot project entered into by the Institute for
Scientific Information and the NSF Network Service Center to provide
online versions of current issues of THE SCIENTIST to the Internet

THE SCIENTIST is a biweekly tabloid newspaper, published in
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) and distributed internationally to
research scientists, managers, and administrators in industry,
academia, and government.  Although it is targeted at all science
professionals, the majority of the 30,000 subscribers are associated
with the life sciences and the burgeoning biotechnology marketplace.

These documents are available either by anonymous FTP or through the
NNFC Info-Server.  The filenames are the same as the Info-Server

Request: the-scientist   
	corresponds to the anonymous FTP directory the-scientist
Topic: index-the-scientist
	is the file you are now reading. 
Topic: help
	is the help file for the entire NNSC Info-Server.

The list of files (below) is an edited form of the output of the Unix
command 'ls -ls *' for listing files.  (Some dates may be later than
the most recent updates.) The 'ls-ls' file contains the unedited

TOPIC                         SIZE            DATE           
(filename)                    (Kb - bytes)

help                            17    17267   Jan 21 13:08
index-the-scientist              2     1570   Feb  9 02:18
index-the-scientist~             3     2412   Feb  4 13:54
ls-ls                            1      747   Feb  9 02:18
overview                         6     5831   Jan 29 15:23
the-scientist-921109           152   141926   Dec  3 18:48
        The November 9, 1992 issue of THE SCIENTIST Newspaper
the-scientist-921123           136   129048   Dec  3 18:50
        The November 23, 1992 issue of THE SCIENTIST Newspaper
the-scientist-921207           168   162005   Jan 22 10:25
        The December 7, 1992 issue of THE SCIENTIST Newspaper
the-scientist-930111           152   146322   Jan 22 10:26
        The January 11, 1993 issue of THE SCIENTIST Newspaper
the-scientist-930125           152   145680   Jan 22 10:27
        The January 25, 1993 issue of THE SCIENTIST Newspaper
the-scientist-930208           184   173601   Feb  4 11:22
Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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