RAPD-L newsgroup

Jack Kramer kramer at oj.rsmas.miami.edu
Thu Feb 11 09:21:07 EST 1993

In article <CMM. at net.bio.net> kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>We have received a proposal to assume administrative responsibility for
>an existing mailing list called RAPD-L.  The current list maintainer
>will retain his position as discussion leader of RAPD-L.

RAPD is one of many new techniques based on PCR.  Since PCR has become  
such a large part of molecular biology, I would propose a new USENET
group "bionet.molbio.pcr".  The RAPD-L ( and any other PCR ) lists 
could be merged into a new bionet PCR group.

Since PCR is already a popular subject in the methods and reagents
group this may help reduce the number of "54 unread messages"
announcements I often get there.  Even with threaded readers this
can be overwhelming and confusing for some.

In any case I vote yes to get RAPD-L into a USENET group.  The fewer
mailing lists I have to fight with the better.


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