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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Thu Feb 11 22:03:18 EST 1993

> In article <CMM. at net.bio.net> kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
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> >We have received a proposal to assume administrative responsibility for
> >an existing mailing list called RAPD-L.  The current list maintainer
> >will retain his position as discussion leader of RAPD-L.
> >
> RAPD is one of many new techniques based on PCR.  Since PCR has become  
> such a large part of molecular biology, I would propose a new USENET
> group "bionet.molbio.pcr".  The RAPD-L ( and any other PCR ) lists 
> could be merged into a new bionet PCR group.
> Since PCR is already a popular subject in the methods and reagents
> group this may help reduce the number of "54 unread messages"
> announcements I often get there.  Even with threaded readers this
> can be overwhelming and confusing for some.
> In any case I vote yes to get RAPD-L into a USENET group.  The fewer
> mailing lists I have to fight with the better.
> jack


	In my initial discussions with Dr. Farmer, the list leader, I
suggested that perhaps rapd should be a subset under the METHODS group
for similar reasons, but your suggestion about broadening it to
include all PCR techniques is also of interest.  Dr. Farmer replied
that the group was not confined only to METHODS, however, which is why
he suggested bionet.molbio.rapd.  The name is just one smaller issue
of course.  Dr. Farmer and the readers of his current list will
probably cast the majority of the votes for this proposal, so I think
that they need to discuss this and get back to us soon.  This is not
the task that they volunteered for originally, but a larger one which
they might not want to bite off.


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