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Thu Feb 11 23:45:09 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb11.142107.6932 at news.miami.edu>, kramer at oj.rsmas.miami.edu (Jack Kramer) writes:
>RAPD is one of many new techniques based on PCR.  Since PCR has become  
>such a large part of molecular biology, I would propose a new USENET
>group "bionet.molbio.pcr".  The RAPD-L ( and any other PCR ) lists 
>could be merged into a new bionet PCR group.
>Since PCR is already a popular subject in the methods and reagents
>group this may help reduce the number of "54 unread messages"
>announcements I often get there.  Even with threaded readers this
>can be overwhelming and confusing for some.

The topics covered by the RAPD list are far greater than just those
associated with the PCR methodology. Those reading the RAPD list would
probably also be interested in a PCR newsgroup. The RAPD-L list covers
the genetics of RAPD markers and their analysis. There has resently
been some discussion about where to get oligos on RAPD-L, however as I
recall the past messages of RAPD-L the majority were not about PCR.

I would not be in favor of the RAPD-L list being merged into a methods
group on PCR.

Mike Cherry

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