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>bionet is not a standard "mainstream" USENET domain (as witnessed by
>our separate voting regulations), so it is not automatically carried
>at all USENET sites, but must be requested.
>The bigger question is, "Is this a problem?"  Personally, I doubt it.
>It does create a barrier in as much as someone at a biology department
>must take some action to get started after they get their news set up
>instead of just watching "sci float by 8-)."

I don't agree.  I have come across folks who were quite surprised
that bionet existed.  If a person doesn't get the news group when
the fire up their news reader, they don't think it exists and they
don't think to talk to their news administrator to see it it exists.
This HURTS bionet because fewer people are aware of its possibilities.

>On the other hand it minimizes the number of curiousity seekers who
>have no real involvement with biological research.  A quick comparison
>of the postings on bionet versus bears this out.

So why aren't we flooded with junky postings (other than this one :-)
now?  Because most people are act responsibly.

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