Question regarding patient's rights

Sun Feb 14 21:50:04 EST 1993

        I have a question concerning the rights of a patient(and doctor).
Here is the situation: A teenage male is applying to college. He wishes
to report his medical condition to the colleges by requesting his doctor to
write a letter. After visiting his doctor and asking for the note, the
doctor refused saying that his medical records were "confidential"
and that disclosing these records might jeopardize his practice. Essentially,
the doctor is protecting himself by withholding this information. Does the
doctor have the right to do this?  What is the current policy regarding
confidentiality? How much access does a patient have over his medical records?
If anyone knows this information could they send their replies either
to the list or my address?

        Also, does anyone know the number of the AMA in which this information *
be obtained?

Thanks in advance,
Brian Wong
Hwong at    

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