adaptive equipment for diff'able'd

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>My friend Lydia has asked me to post this.  She is wondering if anyone
>has information regarding adaptive equipment for differently abled

Have you tried the Yellow Pages? or misc.handicap? (there is no

>Please respond to:  raz at
>Thank you.

     I hate to get snippy, but your subject line "adaptive equipment
for diff'able'd" is opaque in the extreme. My first parsing suggested
that it was something to do with the Unix utility 'diff'. Not only did
you use a non-standard abbreviation, you did so for an obscure term.
[On my fourth or fifth reading I realize that "diff'able'd" is also a
pun on "disabled" - I suspect that it's still too obscure for most
ne.general readers outside the handicapped world.]

     However trendy "differently-abled" may be among the terminally
PC, it is a clumsy, obscure and non-descriptive term. "Handicapped" or
"disabled" let people know that you are seeking help for those whose
abilities (usually through no fault of their own), are below normal.

    "Differently-abled" does not do this. It would be quite accurate
to say that Michael Jordan is "differently-abled" in regards to
basketball: he's a hell of a lot better than a normal person.

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