Question regarding patient's rights

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Mon Feb 15 17:57:36 EST 1993

Medical records are confidential, but in general, the physician may
release the contents of a patients records with the patients permission. 
I cannot think of any legitimate reason why a physician would refuse to
release records when the patient has requested their release.  The exact
details of what constitutes 'permission' may vary with local custom,
hospital policy and laws.

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Medical College of Wisconsin
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> Subject: Question regarding patient's rights
>         I have a question concerning the rights of a patient(and doctor).
> Here is the situation: A teenage male is applying to college. He wishes
> to report his medical condition to the colleges by requesting his doctor to
> write a letter. After visiting his doctor and asking for the note, the
> doctor refused saying that his medical records were "confidential"
> and that disclosing these records might jeopardize his practice. Essentially,
> the doctor is protecting himself by withholding this information. Does the
> doctor have the right to do this?  What is the current policy regarding
> confidentiality? How much access does a patient have over his medical records?
> If anyone knows this information could they send their replies either
> to the list or my address?
>         Also, does anyone know the number of the AMA in which this information *
> be obtained?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian Wong
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