Readership Report

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Tue Feb 16 18:49:31 EST 1993

> I don't agree.  I have come across folks who were quite surprised
> that bionet existed.  If a person doesn't get the news group when
> the fire up their news reader, they don't think it exists and they
> don't think to talk to their news administrator to see it it exists.
> This HURTS bionet because fewer people are aware of its possibilities.

There is obviously no way to quanitate the affect of the various
parameters at work here.  I agree that the current non-default set-up
makes it more difficult for biologists to access the group.  It's a
guess as to whether or not excluding hundreds of computer science
sites is compensation or not in terms of reduced noise.  My
guesstimate is subjective and is based on the number of layperson
biology questions posted to versus the bionet groups.  If
someone has a good argument to convince me otherwise I am open to
hearing it.


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