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Tue Feb 16 21:31:58 EST 1993

	I'd first like to thank all of those who responded to the message
"Question regarding patient's rights".  All of your responses have been
extremely helpful.  In addition, I hope I have created an impetus for
further discussion regarding confidentiality and patients rights.  However,
due to the number of responses as well as some additional questions which
have been raised, I would like to provide more information on the actual case.

        First of all, the case is not hypothetical.  The patient is an 17 year
old asian male living in Queens.  He is a friend of a friend.  He has been
diagnosed with severe bronchitis which is exaserbated by dust, smog, etc. The
patient felt it was necessary to report his medical condition to the colleges
he was applying to to verify some statements he made in his application as
well as to warn the schools that his condition might affect his academic

        I do not know much about the doctor except that he has a private 
practice and specializes in internal medicine.  The doctor went to 
extraordinary means to prevent the patient's (call him "Gary" from
now on) request.  In fact he threatened to call security unless the 
patient left the premises.  Obviously this is wrong and I agree with 
people who have said that there is more than meets the eye.  That is 
why I am so concerned with this situation. It is hard to imagine how the
doctor's parania could result from a simple request for a "letter".

	Tom Tomlinson wrote that the refusal to write a letter was not
a violation of the patient's right to his medical records but was
probably an unreasonable decision. This is of course correct. Tom 
suggested that I advise the patient to switch doctors, transfer the records 
and then ask the new and improved doctor to write the letter.  This is advice 
that I will follow.  However, there is still my concern why the doctor will not
do a resonable request and write a letter for the poor kid. Personally,
I think the doctor is taking advantage of Gary as Gary's parents are
not fluent in English and are ignorant of the health care system.

	Anyways, I do not want to turn this into a gossip column so I will
stop here.  Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry it has helped
me a great deal. I now have the confidence to go after this guy and find
out what he's up to.

	I welcome any more responses,

	Brian Wong
	Hwong at    

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