Help me! I am looking for contacts & E-mail addresses in human development, parapsychology, consciousness.

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Tue Feb 9 18:16:59 EST 1993

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Jonathan Livingston Creative Center

17-13 Shokalskogo st.,Moscow ,
Russia 129221

E-mail: hunet at
FIDO Net: 2:5020/113.3
Human Net: 187:100/4 (Russia Academia of Education)
Human Net BBS: (+7-095) 477 25 78 (02:00-08:00, Moscow Time)
MNP5, V42bis, 2400
Lifnet: 102:702/17.0

  Alexey V. Sidorov (Director)
                (Senior scientist of Russia academia of Education)

        Hi All!

        I am looking for contacts and colaboration! This information is
about my science interests. If you will find useful for self something ,
let me know.
        I would be very grateful if someone could send me E-mail addresses
of organization working in area of Human development, Parapsychology,
Consciousness and like that.

                        Sincerely, Alexey V. Sidorov

        Information about JLCC.

        JLCC is privte and independent research organization.Founded since
1988 by Alexey V.SIDOROV.Members:10 voluntaries and enthusiasts.JLCC
is sponsored only by personal salary of Alexey V.Sidorov and sometimes
due to members dues.We are grateful for any help and support of our

                Objective :

* creating of  general   theory   of   consciousness-energy-matter
* creating  of methods of human body&mind transformation
and development;
* creating of theory of  super-perception(ESP);
* creating  of  general  theory  of influence;
* increasing of global spiritual level and consciousness,sriritual
unerstanding and cooperation between people.


* researching in the area of Human development, Consciousness,
Creation, Parapsychology (PSI), Cognitive Science, Fine Art,
Creative Motion, Creative writing, Therapy, Music, Religion;
* learning and ideas exchange in this topics,including lectures,
seminars, workshops,camps and meeting;
* conducts Fine arts exhibitions of members works;
* computer publishing activity.

Maintains 800 volume library on Human development,psychology and
parapsychology,Arts and General fields of nature science.

Seminars and workshops on  follow topics:

* Martial arts.Transformation of mind&body is been under pressing
of dangerous or stress situation.Tai chi,aikido and etc. like this.Russian
unique system - is Russian Tai Chi.
* The selffreeing by way of motion.The movement meditation.
* Health  movement system for handicappers.
* The Painting for anyone which very want to paint,but who very
afraid to creative.

Constant group:"Selffreeing" system.

        Liberation of consciousness throughout movement and creative
activity.Human development system by Alexey Sidorov for total
mind&body transformation and spiritual life.It is available for
as man and woman and for any ages and health conditions.  We are
available for any cooperation and looking for international
contacts.Besides of,We have many ideas and projects to do
together with You.

JLCC does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, sex, sexual
preference, sexual orientation, color, national
origin,age,disability,marital status,or status as a disabled or
any war veteran in its educational programs or employment.

                 The main science topics of JLCC:

1. Morphology and structure of consciousness.
2.  Relationship     between  consciousness,  matter  and
energy. How  can directly   control   for  processes   of
energy      transformation,  materialization?  Paranormal
3.   Processes    of   the     LIberation    (      self-
actualization)    of  CONciousness   (LICON)    and   the
shackleness   (   blocking  )  of consciousness. What  is
the   liberation (   self-actualization)  of conciousness
and       the   shackleness      (   blocking      )   of
consciousnessunder math and physics attitude.
4. Search   of  methods   of  the    liberation  (  self-
actualization) of conciousness ( LICON ).
       -     transcendental        and      extraordinary
condition    of  consciousness  through    dangerous  and
stressful situation. Martial arts, operator preparing and
activity, sport etc;
       -  self-freeing   through dance,  music, creation,
fine  arts, sex, responsible  actions,  decision  making,
meditation,  energy therapy.
5. Relationship    between  the    liberation  (    self-
actualization) of conciousness and  somatic processes  of
body,   movement   ability,  sense  ability,    cognitive
abilities,    extraordinary  ability  in everyday life.
6.   Relationship    of   the    liberation    (    self-
actualization)   of conciousness  and   picture of   real
world.     History,     civilization,  religion,    human
evolution   under    the   vision      of    the    LICON
7. Applied   aspects  of    the  liberation    (    self-
actualization)  of conciousness ( LICON ).
       -  high-responsibility   activity in   times    of
dangerous  and stressful situation;
       - self-therapy, therapy, psychotherapy, education,
creativity development,  other style  of life,  dance and
     Mainly our  activity carry  through difference group
seminars and  meetings. It  is more  important and  large
part of our activity.
A practice   is  our  main lab  where we  can verify  and
carry  out everything ideas.
       In   addition,   we   organize  summer  camps  and
Usually it   is places  of lakes,  forests or  mountains.
We   have contacts  with like-minded  groups of people in
our country.
       It  is   available the  short review  of  articles
including about  47 entries.  Review sends  upon  request
free of charge.
      Also it  is  available  the  short  review  of  our
projects including  about  7 entries.  Review sends  upon
request  free  of charge also.


      First Cherek  canyon Expedition,  Verhniy Balcaria,
Caucasus mountains, Kabardino-Balcaria, 1988.
     Second Cherek  canyon Expedition,  Verhniy Balcaria,
Caucasus mountains, Kabardino-Balcaria, 1989.
       First  Alma-Ata   canyon  Expedition,    Alma-Ata,
Northern  Tien Shan mountains massive, Kazakhstan,  1989.
     Thread Cherek  canyon Expedition,  Verhniy Balcaria,
Caucasus mountains, Kabardino-Balcaria, 1990.
       Second  Alma-Ata   canyon Expedition,    Alma-Ata,
Northern  Tien Shan mountains massive, Kazakhstan, 1991.
       First  Altai expedition,  Altai mountains,Barnaul,
       Second  Altai expedition, Altai mountains,Barnaul,
           First  Karelian  expedition,  Karelia,  Sanct-
Petersburg, 1992.

   For more information, please mail us for a free review
that explain our work in more detail.


1.Cherished land
2.House of Insight
4.Children, let go to the Future
5.Force of peace

        1. Transformation, development, education, therapy,researches  of
abilities.Group are  walking toward the nature barrier. Group is conducted
by the secret psychologists. Conflicts, dangerousness, stresses, interpersonal
problems, decision making. Members of group know nothing before.

        2.To educate scientists for the intuitive methods of
searching and work. Destroying of the mind barriers to increase a
creative efficient.Lessons and workshops in special place. Supporting
of super-environmental for the super insights in any areas of Science
and Life. Computers, Nets, Ideas exchange.

        3.Using PSI and EPS principles to design computer systems
and nets. Creating All-world Human/Computer Euristic Expert System
to decide stress political and science problems.

        4.Creating perfectly new School. Main is not to know concrete
subject only, but main is ability for super-creation, insight. Ability
to go in any activity immediately by way of intuition. Genius mind
is simple the perfectly free mind.

        5.Using of inner force of meditation consciousness to disappear
international conflicts and stress social problems. Carrying out group
meditation on all planet in one time to achieve the group amalgamation
and union force. Researching for controlling of Force of peace.

Articles List.
All right reserved by JLCC.

      These  articles are about problems of Optimizations
of body  movements in  times of  dangerous  or  stressful

     003.Sidorov A.  V., Using  of Movement  Break Points
(MBP)  and   Movement  Merge   Points  (MMP)  for  combat
situations.    Relationship     between    kinestesiology
parameters of body motion and efficient of fighting.
     004.Sidorov A. V., The Wave blows and the wave self-
     005.Sidorov  A.   V.,  Principles   of   Tao   self-
defence.Rotor and wave.
     006.Sidorov A.  V., The  Addition  of  movements  to

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