How does an innocent scientist learn that bionet exists?

Daniel Zabetakis dan at
Wed Feb 17 18:25:33 EST 1993

    Getting people to use bionet is a problem. It isn't one that is going
to be easily solved. This is my experience:

    There are two kinds of people in bio departments:
         1) Those who use computers.
         2) Those who use computers only when they must (like root canals).

    Of computer users there are two kinds of people:

        1) Those who read news and subscribe to mailing lists.
        2) Those who don't.

   For both questions, group 1 is much smaller that group 2. So those who
are availible to read bionet are a very small minority. Further, this
group contains almost no PI's.

   Bionet will never be part of the stansard usenet feed (because Collyer
and Spencer ain't going to but 'bionet' in the standard sys file), and
I think that would be a disaster anyway.

   But bionet is useful, and so I think it will slowly grow. I don't think
it will ever become a very important aspect of research. But it will be
a resource that some people have access to and that others don't.

   My suggestion:  Help those who express an interest. Don't sweat it if
you are the only person in your department who reads bionet.


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