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Thu Feb 18 19:07:31 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb15.124618.13924 at> parkes at writes:
>I'm a masters student doing molecular biology at Waikato.NZ and have been
>trying to make a cDNA library from Pinus radiata needles for what seems years
>but has been several months, one of several I'm ment to make for the project of
>finding a leaf specific promotor.
>Does ANYBODY know a method or alteration that may allow me to get a resonable
>conc. of RNA for the library? I've only got low yeilds of undegraded of more
>often degraded RNA.
>Any help/advice/protocol would be most welcome.
>Yours sincerely 
>Bryan Parkes.

Also, are you extracting RNA from fresh growth needles (the lighter green
ones as opposed to the older growth darker green ones)? I wouldn't be
surprised if the older growth needles were less active transcriptionally
since they are not growing. Also there SHOULD be differences in the TYPES
of mRNAs (what genes are expressing) between old and new growth needles.

Just a thought.


Andre Hamel 

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