Search and Retrieve Graphics By Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at
Fri Feb 19 15:30:24 EST 1993

Biologists are using more and more computer Graphics in there work
and the bionet groups receive a fair amount of queries about Graphics.
Quite a few of these questions have already been answered in the FAQs 
from the various graphics newsgroups.  There is also a wealth of 
information, software, and data for Graphics stored on many ftp servers 
scattered around the world.  

In an effort to make all of this more accessible I have created a 
graphics section in my gopher hole which allows you to search
some of the Graphics FAQs and browse through over 70 ftp
sites which contain material for graphics.  In order to access
this resource you need to have a gopher client (don't worry -
gopher is free and on the net).  I've included some information at 
the bottom of this message to help you get started with gopher if 
you don't have it already.

Once you have a gopher client point it at

and select the following directories:

 -->  13. Search and Retrieve Software/

   -->  8.  Search and Retrieve Graphics Software and Data/

And you'll see -

 -->  1.  Graphics Online Bibliography (ACM SIGGRAPH)/
      2.  Graphics Software and Data Archives (ftp sites)/
      3.  Search All Graphics Information <?>
      4.  Search FAQ <?>
      5.  Search Graphics Resources (Software and Data) <?>
      6.  Search Pictures Utilities FAQ <?>

          1.  Graphics Online Bibliography (ACM SIGGRAPH)/

              Searches and archives of bibliographic database that covers
              graphics literature for over a hundred years (served
              by a gopher hole in Austria).

          2.  Graphics Software and Data Archives (ftp sites)/ 

              Has links to over 70 sites around the world which
              have software and/or data for computer graphics.
              This can be used on its own or as a companion to the
              searches found in this directory which will point you
              toward software and data at various places.  

          3.  Search All Graphics Information <?>
          4.  Search FAQ <?>
          5.  Search Graphics Resources (Software and Data) <?>
          6.  Search Pictures Utilities FAQ <?>

              These searches contain a wealth of information about
              computer graphics, data, software, techniques etc...

              3.  Search All Graphics Information <?> 

                  Will simply search all of the information contained
                  in searches 4, 5, and 6.

              4.  Search FAQ <?>

                  Lets you search the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
                  from the newsgroup compiled by John
                  Grieggs at the JPL.

              5.  Search Graphics Resources (Software and Data) <?>

                  Lets you search the Grpahics Resource Listing of
                  software and data provided by Nick Fotis at the
                  National Technical Univ. of Athens.

              6.  Search Pictures Utilities FAQ <?>

                  Lets you search the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
                  from the Alt.binaries.pixutils newsgroup compiled by
                  Jim Howard at Cadence.

This facility was used earlier this week to answer a question in
the Nueroscience bionet group - where somebody was looking for Medical
images (MRIs and CT scans).

Happy searching,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

Johns Hopkins University


                          Gopher Info

This is a heavily edited version of the Gopher FAQ intended to
give people just starting with gopher enough information to get a
client and jump into Gopher-space - a complete version can be obtained
as described below.

Dan Jacobson


Common Questions and Answers about the Internet Gopher, a
client/server protocol for making a world wide information service,
with many implementations.  Posted to comp.infosystems.gopher, 
comp.answers, and news.answers every two weeks.

The most recent version of this FAQ can be gotten through gopher, or
via anonymous ftp:

Those without FTP access should send e-mail to mail-server at
with "send usenet/news.answers/finding-sources" in the body to find out
how to do FTP by e-mail.

List of questions in the Gopher FAQ:

Q0:  What is Gopher?
Q1:  Where can I get Gopher software?
Q2:  What do I need to access Gopher?
Q3:  Where are there publicly available logins for Gopher?
Q4:  Who Develops Gopher Software?
Q5: What is the relationship between Gopher and (WAIS, WWW, ftp)?
Q6: Are papers or articles describing Gopher available?
Q7: What is veronica?

Q0:  What is Gopher?

A0:  The Internet Gopher client/server provides a distributed
     information delivery system around which a world/campus-wide
     information system (CWIS) can readily be constructed.   While
     providing a delivery vehicle for local information,  Gopher
     facilitates access to other Gopher and information servers
     throughout the world. 

Q1:  Where can I get Gopher software?

A1:  via anonymous ftp to  Look in the directory

Q2:  What do I need to access Gopher?

A2:  You will need a gopher "client" program that runs on your local PC
     or workstation

     There are clients for the following systems.  The directory
     following the name is the location of the client on the anonymous
     ftp site ( in the directory

      Unix Curses & Emacs   :  /pub/gopher/Unix/gopher1.12.tar.Z
      Xwindows (athena)     :  /pub/gopher/Unix/xgopher1.2.tar.Z
      Xwindows (Motif)      :  /pub/gopher/Unix/moog
      Macintosh Hypercard   :  /pub/gopher/Macintosh-TurboGopher/old-versions *
      Macintosh Application :  /pub/gopher/Macintosh-TurboGopher *
      DOS w/Clarkson Driver :  /pub/gopher/PC_client/
      NeXTstep              :  /pub/gopher/NeXT/
      VM/CMS                :  /pub/gopher/Rice_CMS/ or /pub/gopher/VieGOPHER/
      VMS                   :  /pub/gopher/VMS/
      OS/2 2.0	            :  /pub/gopher/os2/
      MVS/XA                :  /pub/gopher/mvs/

     Many other clients and servers have been developed by others, the
     following is an attempt at a comprehensive list.  

      A Macintosh Application, "MacGopher". *

      Another Macintosh application, "GopherApp". *

      A port of the UNIX curses client for DOS with PC/TCP

      A port of the UNIX curses client for PC-NFS

      A beta version of the PC Gopher client for Novell's LAN Workplace
      for DOS

      A VMS DECwindows client for use with Wollongong or UCX

     * Note: these Macintosh clients require MacTCP.

     Most of the above clients can also be fetched via a gopher client
     itself.  Put the following on a gopher server:

       Name=Gopher Software Distribution.

     Or point your gopher client at, port 70 and
     look in the gopher directory.

     There are also a number of public telnet login sites available.
     The University of Minnesota operates one on the machine
     "" ( See Q3 for more
     information about this.  It is recommended that you run the client
     software instead of logging into the public telnet login sites.  A
     client uses the custom features of the local machine (mouse,
     scroll bars, etc.)  A local client is also 

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